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We Make a Difference for Our Franchise Owners

In our first 50 years, we’ve learned a lot about how to provide top-quality marketing services to our customers, both small businesses and large, and unparalleled support to and investment in our franchise owners. This is just part of what makes an AlphaGraphics franchise one of the best businesses to own.

AlphaGraphics is a B2B franchise business model, meaning you will be working with established businesses that have definite printing needs and budgets. And thanks to our history and team, you’ll offer them the best solutions available!

Advantages of Franchising With AlphaGraphics:

Community Impact
Professional Environment
Work-life balance
Robust Learning Library
Owner Support
Strategic Guidance
Existing Business Opportunities
50 Years of Brand History
Repeat Customers
$81 billion industry*
& More

Learn how to start a marketing and print business from the best in the business. Take the first step with us today!

*Dun & Bradstreet

No Print Background Needed

Our franchisees come from all types of business backgrounds. Many have never set foot in this industry before becoming an AlphaGraphics owner. If you are interested in buying an AlphaGraphics printing and marketing franchise in the USA, we will walk you through every step of this amazing business opportunity, whether you’re a seasoned business owner or just starting out. From marketing and sales, to equipment operation, to learning and development, we have your back and always will.


  • Is a franchise model more likely to succeed vs a non-franchise model?

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 20 percent of all businesses in the U.S. close after the first two years of operation and a little over 38 percent after four years. However, these numbers vary greatly depending on the type of business you own. It’s generally accepted, because of their established, proven business practices, that franchises have higher success rates than independent businesses.

    There’s a lot of information about the success rates of franchises, and to predict one brand will be successful while another won’t is extremely difficult. In a five-year study performed by franchise consulting firm FranNet, their results showed 92 percent of their franchise placements were still in business after two years, and 85 percent after five years.

  • Is the Print Industry still growing?
    Some people think that “Print” is a dying industry.  They don’t use Yellow Pages any longer.  They question the impact of direct mail.  They feel everything has moved “on-line”.  The truth is, not only is the print industry still growing, segments of it are at all-time record highs.
  • How will I get all of my questions answered about your franchise business model?
    We have a franchise development process that has been developed over 30 years.  We guide you through a candid, pragmatic process rooted in integrity, honesty, and transparency.  You will work with the Franchise Development team to get all your questions answered.  “My goal is to put every potential franchisee in a position to make an informed decision for them and their family”
    -Bill McPherson, VP of Development
  • Do I need print experience to do well with this franchise?
    Not at all.  In fact, less than 15% of our owners have any sort of print, marketing industry related experience.  As such, AlphaGraphics offers a proven business model for entrepreneurs with a variety of backgrounds and disciplines.
  • What is my total investment "all-in"?

    It will vary on whether you build a new AlphaGraphics or acquire an existing business.  Building a new center is almost always the least investment.  “All in” investment ranges from $291,639-$374,889.  This includes up to $74,000 in working capital.*  We will break down the investment when we review the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) together.
    *2024 Franchise Disclosure Document

  • How much money can I make with this franchise?

    As you might expect, there are many variables that affect your income potential with any business.  In the franchise industry, it is against the law for ANY franchisor to answer this question.  You will get the answer to the financial benefits of an AlphaGraphics franchise through 3 resources:

    1.  FDD--Our FDD has an extensive “Item 19” which lists financials performance from actual AlphaGraphics owners in the previous calendar year

    2. Pro-Forma exercise--part of our process is to guide you through building financial projections and where to find key data points in our FDD, talking to franchise owners, industry websites, etc.

    3. Speaking to owners--When we move into the “Validation” stage, you’ll have the opportunity to speak to actual franchise owners and ask them about their financial performance.

  • Can I own more than one AlphaGraphics franchise?
    Absolutely.  One of the things that appealed to our owners when they made the decision to join AlphaGraphics was the scalability of the model.  Today, almost 30% of our network has more than one AlphaGraphics franchise  There are discounted fees associated with multiple location ownership.