Franchise Opportunity

AlphaGraphic’s Advice and Steps for Starting a Franchise

Why Us?

There’s no better time to start your very own print and marketing business. At AlphaGraphics, we currently have several print franchises for sale, and we want you to be the face behind one of them!

Owning a printing franchise business is the ultimate entrepreneur opportunity. It gives you the freedom to be your own boss and make your own decisions while also being backed by a corporate enterprise of over 3,000 other locations and numerous business experts ready to help you with whatever you need. 

Steps to Discovery

Starting a franchise can be scary, and you need to make an informed decision that is best for you and your family. Our Discovery Process at AlphaGraphics simplifies the process of franchising a business by providing an opportunity for you to learn all of the details of owning a printing and marketing franchise business from AlphaGraphics. Along the way, we’ll get to know each other better, you will have conversations with our franchise career advisors, and evaluate a mutual fit based on your goals and aspirations and the many benefits of an AlphaGraphics franchise. 

All franchisee candidates go through our discovery process which typically takes 45-60 days though it can be completed sooner based on your availability.  Each step of the way, you’ll have a dedicated Development Director at your side. You’ll learn the key competitive differences of owning an AlphaGraphics printing and marketing franchise, meet our executive leadership team, visit AlphaGraphics centers, speak with our support team and franchise owners, review the financial performance of AlphaGraphics centers, and more! Reach out to start your marketing business today!

  • 1. Understanding Your Goals & Decision Criteria

    There are different reasons people consider entrepreneurship, or more specifically starting a franchise: more control over your future, legacy, family and community involvement, etc. Our team is committed to understanding your specific goals as you explore starting a franchise with AlphaGraphics. Together, we’ll invest the necessary time to understand your background, goals, decision criteria, and investment range. 

  • 2. Brand Webinar Review

    If you think AlphaGraphics might be a good fit after discussing goals and criteria, a Development Director will go into depth about the AlphaGraphics Brand opportunity through an interactive, one-on-one brand webinar. We discuss how AlphaGraphic's vision, objectives, and our unique B2B value proposition make it one of the best printing franchises to own. During this phase, you will also get an overview of the business and learn the profile, style, character, and habits of a successful AlphaGraphics marketing, printing, and technology franchisee. If we both agree we’re a match, we’ll schedule the next steps and stick to our timelines.

  • 3. Complete Our Confidential Application

    Now that we have taken a detailed look at the features, benefits, and operations of starting a franchise with AlphaGraphics, we’ll ask you to complete our online Confidential Application. We do not share your information with anyone outside the AlphaGraphics management team. It should take no more than ten minutes to complete and submit.

    You are under no obligation to join the AlphaGraphics family after completing the Confidential Application. 

  • 4. Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) Review

    Next, we’ll send and review with you our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). The FDD is a required document for all franchisors and includes details of the franchisor-franchisee relationship. It is a comprehensive collection of information including our company background, management team, a detailed breakdown of the total investment, current franchisee lists, our company financials, and much more.

    We’ll go through the main sections of the FDD so you understand the many benefits of starting a franchise in our system, including your and AlphaGraphic's responsibilities that will contribute to our mutual success.  We’ll also do a detailed review of the FDD at your Discovery Day.

  • 5. Validation With Franchisees

    You’ll have the opportunity to speak with active AlphaGraphics owners prior to attending our Discovery Day to find out why this is the best franchise to own. At Discovery Day, you’ll be provided a “password” that can be used to contact as many additional franchise owners as you would like prior to making your decision to join AlphaGraphics. Most new franchisee candidates will speak to between 4-6 franchisees in total during their due diligence process. While there is great consistency in a franchise system, there is great diversity amongst its operating franchise owners. People, just like you, from all walks of life, find their happiness and success being a part of a franchise system.

  • 6. Discovery Day

    Discovery Day is the most crucial step to learn about AlphaGraphics firsthand, and truly start the process of franchising a business. Held in Lakewood, Colorado (just west of Denver), you’ll have the opportunity to meet our executive team, experience our culture, see our proprietary operating systems and technology, and get any final questions answered to decide whether AlphaGraphics is the “right” franchise for you. During your visit, we’ll visit an AlphaGraphics location(s) so you can experience a “day in the life” of our franchise owners. At Discovery Day, you are not required to sign any contracts, pay any franchise fees, etc. Rather, the AlphaGraphics team will do our best to candidly answer all of your questions so you can pragmatically and confidently make an informed decision. 

  • 7. Joining The AlphaGraphics Network

    We will send you your Franchise Agreement and walk you through your onboarding process. Your support team will work with you on everything from site selection, new owner training, funding, the grand opening of your new business, and more! While your journey to entrepreneurship is now complete, your relationship with AlphaGraphics and your future success is just beginning! AlphaGraphics is the best franchise to own in a world where marketing, print, and technology are more important to a company’s success than ever.

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From Executive To Entrepreneur

Steve Webb found the balance of freedom and stability he was looking for by starting a franchise with AlphaGraphics. Our unique approach to franchise ownership allowed him to achieve his career goals without leaving innovation behind.

Hard Work Pays Off

One of the things that makes AlphaGraphics one of the best franchises to own is that your business can grow with you. Brian McDaniel, a former Coca-Cola executive, has seen firsthand how the scalability of our model makes a big difference in business outcomes.

Banker Chooses AlphaGraphics

You don’t have to have a background in printing to succeed with AG. Atul Chugh found his middle-management experience in the banking industry helpful when he became a franchise owner. We love the entrepreneurial spirit, and we’ll give you the support you need to express yours.

What Is It Like Being An AlphaGraphics Owner

Whether you’re a first-time owner, converting an independent shop to a franchise, or taking over the family business, there’s nothing like knowing you can help creative entrepreneurs from all walks of life realize their vision through innovative print marketing. You’ve got business acumen and a passion for helping people meet their goals. But independent business ownership may come with heightened risk. Learn more about owning a printing business and why AlphaGraphics is among the best franchises to own.