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There is a Pathway to Ownership to Fit Your Professional Journey

There may be many business opportunities in Portland, OR right now, but how many of them are a good investment? AlphaGraphics has been in the print, copy, and marketing industry for over 50 years, with hundreds of locations in the U.S. and worldwide. We are looking for motivated entrepreneurs in Portland who want to start a print and marketing business! With a recognizable brand name and a proven business model, you will be well on your way to success with us.

Joining the AlphaGraphics team is easy, and we have lots of options to choose from when starting your printing business in Portland. Depending on your needs and future goals, one may be better for you, so reach out and we’ll help you decide from the options below:

Portland Franchise Opportunities Available


When you start a print and marketing business in Portland with AlphaGraphics, most people go with the new Business Center Pathway. This is our bread and butter, and gives you the chance to own a marketing and print franchise in Portland. We build each store on the foundation of minimal overhead and maximal revenue, and we’ll teach you everything you need to know about our proven growth model. With our modern marketing technology, you’ll generate leads and sales without hassle. Our formula works, and that’s why we’re the top name for marketing and print franchises in Portland.


Out of the hundreds of AlphaGraphics locations, sometimes we have an owner who wishes to retire or sell. This is a golden opportunity for a new owner to start a marketing and print business in Portland by stepping into a shop that is already up and running. And best of all, our team can provide everything you need to make it happen, including financial coaching, valuation resources, legal agreements, business planning resources, and more. When you buy one of the current AlphaGraphics print franchises in Portland, you can seamlessly join the team and expedite your success!


Interested in AlphaGraphics oportunities in Albuquerque? Contact one of our franchise specialists to learn more!


Similar to the Transfer Center pathway, the Acquire and Convert pathway gives you the chance to step into an established store. However, this pathway involves buying an independent copy, print, or marketing shop and converting it to match the AlphaGraphics branding and services. We are always looking for independent marketing and print franchise owners in Portland who may wish to sell, so we can turn an old business into a new opportunity for franchisees like you.


It can be difficult to run a copy and print store these days, especially without the support of a national brand. This pathway is designed to help independent owners remain operational, while enjoying the fresh support of the AlphaGraphics team. If you are a local shop owner in Portland, and want to keep doing what you love, we can help.

By converting your store into an AlphaGraphics location, you can enjoy greater visibility and success without having to close or walk away. You’ll receive all the resources, support, and proven business advice that each of our franchisees gets.


Partnering up with AlphaGraphics, to start a marketing and printing business in Portland, is a fantastic investment that comes with many perks. Your tools for success include:

  • Lease Review Assistance & Space Planning
  • Workflow Automation & Order Integration
  • Production Management Software
  • Software and Hardware
  • Equipment Recommendations
  • National Vendor Volume Pricing & Discounts
  • Site Selection Support and Real Estate Guidance
  • Proprietary Programs for Marketing & Lead Generation
  • Extensive Onboarding & Certified Center training
  • Exterior and Interior Decor Packages
  • Business, IT & Communications Systems
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems
  • Proprietary Sales Training & Support--AGXsell

If you are an entrepreneur looking to start at print franchise in Portland, we want to speak with you! Get in touch with our team today to learn about our current franchise opportunities. Get your business started!

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