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CEOWORLD: Reflecting on 2023: Leveraging Insights for Business Growth in 2024

By Ryan Farris, president and COO of AlphaGraphics

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, the role of technology has become pivotal in steering companies toward growth and success. Reflecting on 2023, at AlphaGraphics, our single biggest focus was the use of customer relationship management (CRM) tools. These tools were not just about managing relationships; they empowered us to navigate challenges, from handling delicate matters like price increases to streamlining reorders. 

Beyond the general CRM capabilities, the business intelligence we were able to obtain elevated our understanding of customers, their purchase history, and transaction preferences. We were not only able to obtain existing purchasing patterns, but we were able to delve into opportunities for customers to explore additional products and services.

Another aspect of our business focus in 2023 hinged on leveraging recruitment and employee retention tools like CareerPlug and Bonusly. These tools played a vital role in navigating the complexities of a tight labor market, ensuring a seamless recruitment process and fostering a culture of recognition and rewards.

CareerPlug allowed us to seamlessly navigate the entire recruiting lifecycle, which was crucial particularly with the tightening labor pool. As candidates increasingly anticipate swift processes, expanding our placements across various channels became imperative to attract an ample pool of candidates. 

Lastly, transitioning into a more robust approach to improve employee retention and foster connectivity – especially among remote employees – we incorporated Bonusly. This technology facilitates a peer-to-peer recognition system, empowering colleagues to give shout-outs and acknowledge each other's contributions. These tools formed two pivotal components of our recruitment strategy for 2023.

Building on the foundation laid in 2023, our trajectory for 2024 is guided by the transformative potential of emerging technology trends. Our focus is now expanding toward broader technological horizons. The game changer for 2024 lies in the profound impact AI will have in reshaping our data utilization strategies and propelling us into a more sophisticated era of efficient and insightful business operations.

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