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By Bill McPherson, VP of retail development

Whether it’s the emergence of AI or the ongoing trend of private equity firms growing home service franchises, there are always new trends each year that pop up. For franchisors and their executive teams, it’s important to be aware of these trends and analyze which one’s work and which ones are just fads that will eventually fade away.

The marketing and technology sectors of a franchise are not different when it comes to trends. As technology advances, individuals try to find ways to utilize it to best suit their businesses. As we enter the final quarter of 2023, now is a great time to look at some of the trends that have helped franchises grow and build better experiences for franchisees and customers alike.

Marketing Trends

Marketing is a tool that every company must use regardless of whether they are a franchise or an independent business owner. It is an important aspect of both customer acquisition and brand growth. One trend that has been helpful for franchises across the board is the ability to resonate on a personal level with decision-makers. As a primary effect of the pandemic, people who are looking for goods and services want to be treated fairly while receiving quality products and services. By resonating with these decision-makers through loyalty programs, quality products and services and customized/branded solutions, the consumer is buying from you while also being treated is a positive manner.ura around your brand name.

 A good example of this, using AlphaGraphics, is the brand makeover contest our marketing team has developed. The winner of this contest receives a complete makeover. While this is great for the winning business, our franchisees also get highlighted with a full marketing campaign showcasing the impact they have on their community.

By resonating with people’s needs and treating them with respect, it helps create a positive aura around your brand name.

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