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Updating Your Brochures for Maximum Impact This Summer

Brochures are a popular form of print marketing material for businesses of all sizes. They are an excellent way of conveying information about your company's products or services to potential customers or clients. Brochures are portable and can be used at events, in-store, or as part of direct mail. Your brochures may be your first touchpoint with your target market, and it's essential to make it count. This summer, take the time to update your brochures for maximum impact with these tips, and contact AlphaGraphics Lawrenceville for all your business's print marketing materials today!

Define Your Audience

Before creating or updating any marketing material, take the time to define your target audience. Who are your ideal customers? What are their needs, preferences, and where do they spend their time? Outline your target audience's characteristics to guide your brochure content, design, and messaging. Ask one of our print marketers for advice today.

Update Your Content

Your brochure content is the most crucial element of your print marketing material. Potential customers should quickly identify the benefits of your product or service and understand how you can help solve their problems. Focus on providing benefits instead of just features. You can also include testimonials or case studies to reinforce points. Be sure to make your content easy to skim, using subheadings, bullet points, and paragraphs, and ask one of the team members at AlphaGraphics Lawrenceville today.

Refresh Your Design

A well-designed brochure can make all the difference in captivating potential customers' attention. Even a minor update to the overall design can have a significant impact on your print marketing material's effectiveness. A minimalist design, clean typography, and exciting imagery can make it stand out in a sea of marketing materials. Leverage the experience of our graphic designers today.

Make It Personal

Adding personalization elements to your brochure can make recipients feel special and reinforce their interest in your products or services. You can personalize your brochures by customizing the cover or tailoring specific content to your target audience's preferences. Personalization makes the document more interesting, memorable, and strengthens your brand image. Get in touch with our branding team today.

Upgrade Your Printing Materials

Upgrading your printing material can significantly change the final product and the impression left on potential customers. By using high-quality paper, finish, and binding methods, it's possible to create brochures with a higher perceived value, making them more appealing. The expert printers at AlphaGraphics Lawrenceville can help you select the best paper with excellent texture, colors, coating, and thickness to enhance your brochure's impression. Call today.

Highlight Special Promotions

Summer is a great time to run special promotions, deals, or discounts on your products or services. Make sure to include these promotions in your brochure, front and center, to incentivize potential customers to take action. Use bold typography, vibrant colors, and imagery to create excitement and encourage customers to reach out to your business during this season. Check out brochure options today!

Call to Action (CTA)

Your brochure should include a clear and compelling Call to Action (CTA) to encourage potential customers to take the next step. Include information on how to purchase your products or services, how to make your business contact, or where to get additional information.


Updated brochures can make all the difference in attracting potential customers and generating new business. With our years of experience and state-of-the-art printing technology, we can craft all of your business brochures, as well as business cards, banners, and posters, to leave the best impression on your customers. Get started with AlphaGraphics Lawrenceville today!

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