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Franchising Magazine USA: Expand Your Footprint with Multi-Unit Franchising

Multi-unit franchising has quickly become a popular option among established and new franchisees. Not too long ago, franchise owners opted to operate single-unit locations based on the idea of buying themselves a job. Over the past several years, ambitious entrepreneurs have decided that expansion is one of their main goals when purchasing franchises.

According to FranData, there are nearly 45,000 multi-unit operators in the United States. They make up approximately 54.8% of the overall franchise market, equaling about 228,000 total units. Of those that own multi-unit operations:

  • 42.3% own two to five units
  • 14.3% have six to 10 units
  • 15.3% own 11 to 25 units
  • 8.6% have 26 to 50
  • 19.6% run 50-plus units
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